Best Practices If Charged With Manslaughter in Texas

When my friend Jim was charged with manslaughter (See FindLaw), the entire family was tensed – especially since we knew that he didn’t commit the crime. It was a real ordeal, but with the right Texas criminal lawyer, we helped him wriggle out in just a year.

Manslaughter and culpable homicide laws are really tough in Texas, and you need a Texas criminal lawyer to prove that there was no criminally negligent homicide.

Manslaughter and Homicide in Texas

The accidental death of an individual at your hands is termed as manslaughter. The incident, however, can be voluntary or involuntary depending on your intent to harm the said individual. In almost all the states, manslaughter is less of a crime than a murder and the criminal gets jailed for way lesser amount of time as compared to someone who has committed murder. This is simply because in a manslaughter, the person does not actually intend to kill the victim but does so by accident.

Though most states have separate laws for involuntary and voluntary manslaughter, Texas does not. The state, however, does have a few guidelines on how to treat these individuals and also, has a separate clause for intoxicated slaughter as well. In case you’re charged with manslaughter in Texas, here’s what you need to do.

The Best Questions for Your Lawyer

Despite of how grave the charges are, it is essential to ask your lawyer as many questions as you like to understand the complexity of the case and the collection of evidence. One needs to know the difference between a manslaughter and a murder, how you will be charged for it, and the other intricacies of the case.

Know What You’re Up Against

It is crucial to know the kind of charges that have been pressed onto you for you to know that if not acquitted, what punishment you will get. Manslaughter can be charged on the basis of intent and recklessness.

For example, one may be charged less for a crime if they were intoxicated or not in their senses. However, you may be charged even more if you had intentionally killed that person and therefore, the punishment may be as severe as ice.

Be Prepared for Sentences & Penalties

The state of Texas treats manslaughter as a second degree felony and if proven, you usually get a sentence of two to twenty years along with a fine of $10,000. If you stand accused of a criminal offense like this in the Houston area, we recommend that you reach out to Jack B. Carroll & Associates, Criminal Defense Lawyers. In Harris County, criminals are prosecuted to highest extent of the law which justifies the need for the best criminal defense lawyer you can find.

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