Syrians in America?

It appears that Americans aren’t taking too kindly to the influx of so-called refugees pouring into the United States with the stamp of approval from President Obama. It’s clearly easy to see why Americans aren’t with this new flood of immigrants. Listed below are a few reason’s why many aren’t so welcoming to these middle easterners.

Syrian Immigrants
Syrian Immigrants
  • Terrorist Will Be Among Them.
  • There’s No Way To Vet The Incoming Immigrants.
  • There has been a recent terror attack in France.
  • This is nothing more than a ploy to bring in more socialist voters.
  • It’s another example of President Barrack Obama thumbing his nose at America.
  • It’s another expense that Americans will have to pay for.
  • Importing these people is a national security threat.

As even an idiot can see, this is a bad idea, at a time, with a bad group of refugees.

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