Addressing DWI Charges in Texas

If you’ve been arrested for DWI offense in the state of Texas in your facing serious consequences, jail time, and a big hassle in dealing with the repercussions of being charged with the offense. Depending on the circumstances of your case you could be facing misdemeanor charges or felony charges.

Most Houston DWI Cases are Minor

In most instances, when a person is charged with the DWI offense, it is a first-time offense punishable in line with other misdemeanor cases. In other cases when a person is facing felony DWI charges, it is as a result of multiple DWI offenses, a death caused as a result of DWI, or other circumstances.

When Thousands Die

One thing is for sure, every year in the United States thousands of innocent people lose their lives on American roadways as a result of irresponsible drivers taking to the road while drunk. Criminal laws in Texas, and nationwide, are aimed at curbing this phenomenon of intoxicated motorists.

However, if you are arrested for DWI or driving while under the influence of drugs hiring a professional help you way through the legal waters is the best opportunity to limit the damages to your life that can be caused by these situations.

Seeking Legal Representation

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Texas is the kind the state that is harsh on crime, but has an understanding populace. So if you are guilty of nothing more than irresponsibility in the form of making a mistake, a Texas jury may let you walk which is especially true if you guided by smart DWI lawyer who knows how to win these cases.

It takes years to learn how to beat a DWI case in Houston which serves to make experienced legal representation by a top-rated DWI lawyer like Houston DWI Lawyer Tad A. Nelson an issue of immense importance.

It Takes an Aggressive Lawyer

It takes an aggressive defense attorney to counter the actions of an aggressive prosecutor. However every case is different and so is every prosecutor making legal representation by experienced counsel all the more important if you are to walk out of court with your freedom.