A Houston DWI Charge is a Parole Violation

Every day people are released from prison early after being granted parole by the Texas Board of Pardons & Paroles. Some of these offenders are interested in turning their lives around while others are doomed to re-offend. Some of the parolees even find themselves back in jail as a result of probation violations as opposed to committing a new crime. Some of the offense that put them back in prison are minor, misdemeanor violations.

In a Texas Prison for a Misdemeanor?

Yes, but only for re-offending parolees.

Believe it or not, some individuals are back in the prison system after violating their parole by committing a misdemeanor DWI offense. In fact, simply having a beer with friends could be considered a parole violation and often is.

If you’re on parole and facing a potential parole revocation due to a new DWI charge in Houston, you’ll need legal representation. Attorney Tad A. Nelson is one of the best lawyers in Houston for fighting and beating DWI charges. If you retain the legal services of Attorney Tad A. Nelson and fight the DWI charges, there’s a chance you could beat the charge and fight to have the revocation of your parole overturned.

Attorney Tad A. Nelson, DWI Lawyer

A Top Houston Criminal Law Attorney

When you’re forced to address legal issues with the criminal justice system that could have an outcome which can have a major impact on your life, you’ll want the best legal counsel you can find. At this blog, we’re strong advocates of Attorney Tad A. Nelson, a top-rated criminal defense lawyer that’s best known for his excellent DWI defense services. If you’re on parole, then you know that a simple violation can result in re-incarceration, but with a smart lawyer on your side, you’ve shifted some of the odds back to your favor.

Even though you were convicted of a crime, it doesn’t mean that you have to go back to prison after making a simple mistake. Even if you don’t contact Tad Nelson, be sure to reach out to an equally qualified criminal defense lawyer in Houston so you can maintain your freedom.

A Houston DWI Charge is a Parole Violation

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