USP Marion: A Federal Super-Max Prison

The federal prison known as USP Marion is an interesting federal prison to say the least, was known for assault and violent crimes, and was opened for prisoners during the Kennedy administration and was America’s first Super Maximum Security penal institution.

USP Marion is known for housing the worse of the worse and has been the subject of a number of journalist investigations.

The prison houses some of the most violent prisoners in the federal system such as the ones who can not be at peace around people or other inmates in general population.

Facts About USP Marion

  • The prison was opened in 1963.
  • The prison was intended to house under 800 inmates.
  • The prison was also the home to some of the worse gangsters which lead to multiple staff deaths, assaults, and prison violence.
  • In 1983 two correctional officers were brutally murdered. Their names are Eugene Clutts and Robert Hoffman Sr. (See The Story)
  • After 1983, USP Marion became one of two super maximum security prisons. They even have armed staff on the outside of the prison to deter or respond to escapes.
  • The average prison sentence for USP Marion inmates is over 19 years.