Investigator Suspects Foul Play in Mysterious Texas Death

A private investigator, also often known as a PI or inquiry agent, is hired by groups, individuals or many times by attorneys for the purpose of discovering information or verifying it. When an attorney hires a private investigator, they’re often able to provide information to help the attorney win their case. Chuck Foreman is a private investigator in the state of Texas, and this is how he helped a family investigate the cause of death of someone they loved.

Private Investigator Suspects Foul Play in Mysterious Death

The mysterious death of 27-year-old Alfred Wright in the small town of Jasper, Texas turned everything upside down. He had last been seen driving his truck, which broke down on the side of the road and was reported as missing for 19 days.

Wright’s body was discovered after this time in a location the police reported to have initially searched. Chuck Foreman, the private investigator alleged the authorities had not properly conducted the initial investigation.

Drug Overdose Suspected

Authorities reported they believed Wright’s death was the result of a drug overdose. His family did not accept this report and decided to hire their own pathologist and Chuck Foreman to conduct their own private investigation. Shortly after beginning his investigation, Foreman stated in an exclusive interview with ABC News the police had not properly investigated Wright’s disappearance or his death.

During the interview, Foreman said the cops had not searched Wright’s truck, they didn’t interview his family, and they did not complete the due diligence expected from law enforcement. Officials at the Sabine County Sheriff’s Office would not comment on Foreman’s accusations.

Uncovered Flaws

Foreman was able to uncover flaws in the Sheriff’s Departments investigation. One of those were stating Wright’s body was found in an ‘unnatural position.’ Alfred Wright has been a personal trainer, and his family was convinced he never did drugs. The authorities contradict their statements saying Wright had crystal meth and cocaine in his system when he died. A second autopsy conducted at the request of Wright’s family showed he had severe and gruesome injuries; which suggests foul play.

According to this second autopsy, Wright’s throat had been cut, his eyes were taken out, and he was missing his tongue. There was also severe damage to both of his ears; all suggesting this was foul play. The Sheriff’s report merely stated he had been found lying face-down in mud, and Sheriff Maddox’s announcement that his death was due to drug overdose was accepted by all except his family.

Other Possibility

Foreman thinks there is another possibility that caused Wright’s death. He is looking into a connection between Wright and the daughter of the Sheriff, Cindy Maddox. According to the investigation conducted by Foreman, Wright and Maddox knew each other from the physical therapy work they did together. Maddox denies any connection with Wright. While he is not accusing Maddox of having a hand in Wright’s death, he does say foul play should not have been overruled.

Foreman discovered Maddox was having an affair with Wright who is the 37-year-old daughter of Tom Maddox, Sabine County Sheriff. He found out through several sources the two were involved in a relationship, and the Sheriff found out. He was not able to determine though if the Sheriff found out about the relationship before or after Wright was killed. It was also uncovered through Foreman’s investigation another white woman was seeing Wright before his death. Wright’s wife, Lauren does not believe these ‘cheating’ reports are accurate. She had looked through his phone records and saw no evidence of any contact between him and any other women.

FBI Keeping an Eye on Events

The death of a 28-year-old who is found unclothed in the woods should be handled as a criminal investigation. Dan Abrams, ABC News Chief Anchor, agreed the case should have been passed on to state authorities. Abrams was surprised how quickly the authorities ruled out the cause of death being a potential homicide even before the body was discovered. When someone runs off and supposedly acts like he might have been on drugs does not give the authorities the right to assume there was no foul play.

The FBI is ready to get involved with this case. With the diligent work done on Chuck Foreman’s part and his incredible investigations into this case he has opened the eyes of many officials, including the Department of Justice. Foreman says this case is weird as the law enforcement has lied and disregarded code. He also reports they have never even expressed any type of condolences to Wright’s family.

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